What is
The SDLT is a free SDL compiler for SDL-PR language that generates SDL-GR in PostScript format.

The SDL language is a language well suited for especification and description of service oriented applications.

SDLT programs comp.exe, pag.exe and form.exe were originally developped in CPqD TELEBRAS and were transfered, in 1986, together with the TROPICO R product, to contracted manufactures.

The SDLT also generates SDL-GR in PDF format if you have installed the CutePDFTM Printer.


To understand the language power and syntax.

Freeware License
This program is freeware. This means that you are free to distribute it anywhere you like in case you do not modify the executables or any data files within this program and if all rights of Labcom Sistemas Ltda. are not broken.

This program is provided AS IS. No guarantees are made for you by Labcom Sistemas Ltda. about the safety of your data.

Get the SDLT version 1.0.

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